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Welcome to Camarilla Fan Club MO025D. Those bloggers who post here are sharing windows into the lives of the characters they portray in the on-going global Vampire the Requiem Live Action Roleplaying Game hosted by White-Wolf Publishing.

To see their posts, apply to join our community. For those who are a part of this community now, be sure (when posting) that you select our community (instead of your own journal) as the place you're posting to & be sure to select "friends only" if you don't want anyone outside this group seeing it.

If you're interested in learning more about us, check out our website. If you want to join our community, simply click "user info" and follow the directions there.

"This world of darkness we live in is full of stories of the innocent who have fallen from the path of righteousness because of the cruel hand of fate... and of some who leapt from it... what's yours?"

Join Us ~ Innocence Lost.
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